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   Clients talk about their experiences with Pam Kimble...

Molly says,
"Endorsements are the Ice cream on the Cake! "





























  •   "A great big **THANK YOU** to you for getting involved in our GHC Equine Appreciation Day.  Pam Schwartz-Kimble was wonderful!
    What a nice person. Pam was great to work with and her demonstrations were lovely.

    What gorgeous horses... It really added purpose to the day - to celebrate all disciplines of the horse."                    

  •    "Thanks to Pam Schwartz-Kimble and the MGSHA Scholarship Fund I was able to obtain a valuable learning experience in my quest to understand this thing we call Dressage.  Over the summer I had the opportunity to take a series of lessons on Pam's horses.

    After riding Pam's horses my feel on my horse was much better as well as my position. I learned more in the five weeks than I could have learned in five lessons on my horse. After this experience I have increased my knowledge base to be able to get on a variety of different horses and know how to fix their particular problem. You always hear that every horse is different and ride them according to their type, but until you actually experience it, it just does not really sink in, well, at least for me that is.

    I would like to take this moment to thank Pam for a most valuable learning experience that has helped me in my advancement as a rider. If anyone ever has this type of opportunity I highly recommend you take it!"


  • "It's about finally 'Lookin Good',  Being Proud!!!  Standing Tall.
    LOOK Dad or Mom,  I made it!

    Or to myself - I knew I could do it. Just needed the opportunity.

    Pam - you are making it happen for me!! I could not do this without you.


  • After going through five different instructors and barns, my horse and I
    are home with Pam. Fiesta looks like a champion and Pam has given me the confidence to ride like the one I know could be one day.

    Every lesson Pam challenges me tremendously, but never at the expense of good, basic dressage techniques.


  • Trisha received the first female full scholarship to UGA for the equestrian team, going into her junior year now, she is the Co-captain!


  • Pam's energy, enthusiasm, ability to communicate, along with her outstanding talent as a rider, offer a horse and rider everything they need in a trainer to progress in the classical art of dressage."